Consequence has partnered with CREATV University to help provide insight on how to succeed in the world of music and media. Today, we’re taking a look at the future as we dive back into the topic of Tech and Entertainment.

How exactly will ever-advancing technology impact the future of entertainment? These two topics are symbiotic — with so many new innovations in tech happening every day, it’s hard to predict how these shifts will change our lives and the content we love. In a time where the tech and entertainment industries couldn’t be bigger, it’s always good to ask the question: What happens next?

For this week’s set of CREATV University videos, we’re sharing four clips from leading tech and entertainment insiders and executives to help provide insights on the future of the field. You’ll get their predictions on how software, AI, and other innovations will become extremely important tools for the creating and manufacturing of entertainment.


Watch discussions with YouTube Brand Strategist Nick Selz, music tech entrepreneur and pioneer Benji Rogers, music mogul and former manager of Lady Gaga and John Legend Troy Carter, and professor and media expert Evan Shapiro. Then come back to Consequence every other week for more unique lessons from CREATV University.