Converse unveiled a new commercial today directed by none other than Tyler, the Creator.

Starring Vince Staples, Henry Rollins, Tim Meadows, and more, the ad centers around a meeting of “The Really Cool Converse Club.” The exclusive group of Con aficionados lives by a few set-in-stone rules: 1. Never wear another shoe; 2. If you absolutely must wear another shoe, don’t; and 3. The most important rule of them all — No denim hats.

The meeting is called to revoke the membership of Meadows’ character, Ronald Thaddeus Jackson Jr., for breaking all three bylaws. “Fuck that, I didn’t violate no rules and you can’t prove it!” Ronald protests before the group’s moderator rolls a video of him trying to hid his face behind the offending cap. Oops, sorry Ronald… caught red-handed. (Or in this case, denim-hatted.)

On Twitter, Tyler shared an extended, uncensored version of the ad, where Ronald tries to convince the room — to no avail — that the video is actually a deepfake. After all, the leather-clad greaser would never be caught dead wearing a denim hat and matching vest, right? In the end, the elderly basketball players, skaters, hipsters, rappers, and even his fellow rebel Carl (played by Rollins)vote to expel him from the club.


“No! No, I have a family! And this is a new shirt guys!” poor Ronald wails as he’s pushed to the floor and the group surrounds him, pointing and shouting “Traitor!” as the meeting is adjourned.

Watch both versions of the Tyler, the Creator-helmed Converse commercial below.

The ad arrives on the heels of the rapper’s sixth solo album, Call Me If You Get Lost, which dropped in June. Since then, Tyler’s has performed at the 2021 BET Awards, collaborated with Snoh Aalegra on her new LP, and been spotted working in the studio with Kanye West, potentially on the latter’s long-awaited album Donda.