This little crustacean’s got a big voice. Alanis Morissette is joining the upcoming season of Madagascar: A Little Wild as a hermit crab named Starlene.

In a preview clip of the children’s show released by Dreamworks, the Zoosters stumble upon Morissette’s adorable decapod singing her heart out on the Coney Island boardwalk — that is, until she realizes people are listening.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you! I just had to meet the crab behind that incredible performance!” Shaylin Becton’s Gloria the hippo gushes to a shellshocked Starlene after the gang applauds her song.

“Oh, I was just dancing like no one was watching…because I thought no one was watching,” a sheepish Starlene replies, leading Gloria to exclaim, “Starlene? You’re kidding! You were born to be a star…A talent like yours shouldn’t be hiding.”


The rest of the episode is set to include even more original tunes by Morissette. Look for all six episodes when they premiere Friday on both Peacock and Hulu. In the meantime, watch the Canadian songstress’ grand introduction as Starlene in the clip below.

Aside from her foray to Madagascar, Morissette is set to finally kick off her long-delayed Jagged Little Pill 25th anniversary tour on August 12th in Austin Texas. While Garbage and Liz Phair were originally tapped as the tour’s supporting acts, the latter unexpectedly pulled out last month and has been replaced by Cat Power.

Meanwhile, the “Ironic” singer is also joining the judging panel of FOX’s upcoming avatar-based singing competition Alter Ego, alongside Nick Lachey, Grimes, and Rosci Diaz. She also dropped two new songs — “I Miss the Band” and “Rest” — in April and May, respectively, with the former raising money for music and mental health charity Backline and the latter bringing awareness to Mental Health Action Day.