Beyoncé is Building Her Own Hemp Farm

The singer also teases new music in a career-spanning interview with Harper's Bazaar

Beyoncé hemp farm
Beyoncé posing in her hemp farm (artist rendering)

    You can count Beyoncé as a believer in CBD. In fact, the superstar singer is building her own hemp and a honey farm.

    Beyoncé shared the revelation in a rare new interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “During quarantine, I went from overindulgences to creating positive rituals drawing from past generations and putting my own spin on things,” she explained. “I discovered CBD on my last tour, and I’ve experienced its benefits for soreness and inflammation. It helped with my restless nights and the agitation that comes from not being able to fall asleep.”

    The mother of three also said she “found healing properties in honey that benefit me and my children. And now I’m building a hemp and a honey farm. I’ve even got hives on my roof!” Yes, Queen Bey literally has her own beehive.


    “And I’m so happy that my daughters will have the example of those rituals from me,” Beyoncé added. “One of my most satisfying moments as a mom is when I found [her daughter] Blue one day soaking in the bath with her eyes closed, using blends I created and taking time for herself to decompress and be at peace. I have so much to share… and there’s more to come soon!”

    Beyoncé’s interview with Harper’s Bazaar coincides with her upcoming 40th birthday and sees the singer reflecting on her life and career thus far. On the topic of new music, she confirmed that she has “been in the studio for a year and a half.”

    “Sometimes it takes a year for me to personally search through thousands of sounds to find just the right kick or snare. One chorus can have up to 200 stacked harmonies,” she explained. “Still, there’s nothing like the amount of love, passion, and healing that I feel in the recording studio. After 31 years, it feels just as exciting as it did when I was nine years old. Yes, the music is coming!”

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