Universal and MGM have released a new trailer for Nia DaCosta’s Candyman reboot, but you need to indulge in a horror tradition in order to see it. At a brand new website, users can watch the final teaser for the movie only after they say Candyman’s name five times into their computer’s microphone.

The website goes by the straightforward title IDareYou.CandymanMovie.com, mimicking the text on promotional billboards that have been popping up the past few weeks. Once the website loads, it utilizes your phone or computer’s microphone to allow you to summon Candyman as if you were a character in the movie. Of course, as the cinematic legend goes, you must utter his name exactly five times to see the film’s final trailer — no more, no less.

Fans eager to see previously unreleased footage from Candyman will be let down by this new video, as it reuses clips from earlier trailers released for the movie. That said, it feels extra eerie watching this one in particular, probably because it requires you to get involved beyond just clicking a YouTube link like usual. Plus, once you’ve viewed the full trailer, the website allows users to save and share their summoning session online, further spreading the creepiness at large.


DaCosta’s highly anticipated Candyman is the spiritual sequel to the 1992 classic of the same name. Candyman is an innocent man killed by police in the Cabrini Green projects of Chicago after being wrongly accused of putting razor blades in kids’ candy. In DaCosta’s version, visual artist Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) is undeterred by Cabrini Green old-timer William Burke’s (Colman Domingo) warnings to stay away and he begins incorporating the legend of Candyman into his paintings. McCoy quickly becomes obsessed with his legend and unwittingly brings the vengeful spirit back.

Written by Jordan Peele with DaCosta and Win Rosenfeld, Candyman also stars Teyonah Parris as McCoy’s girlfriend, Brianna Cartwright. The cast is rounded out by Tony Todd (Daniel Robitaille/Candyman), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Troy Cartwright), and Vanessa Estelle Williams (Anne-Marie McCoy).

Candyman will finally arrive in theaters on August 27th. Now that you’ve said his name five times, try to avoid looking in a mirror before then if you want to live or else the anticipation will kill you.