Cypress Hill’s Weed Rap Changed Cannabis Culture

The final episode of The Opus: Cypress Hill explores how the hip-hop group put pot on the map

the opus cypress hill episode 4the opus cypress hill episode 4
The Opus: Cypress Hill

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    Season 15 of Consequence Podcast Network and Sony’s The Opus comes to its conclusion on a high point as we explore how Cypress Hill put weed rap on the map.

    Within a few months of its release, the impact of Cypress Hill and the subject matter of some of the raps therein was apparent. Other rappers started writing songs that expanded more on the glory of marijuana. While we think of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre as pioneers in the art of weed rap, it’s often forgotten that Dre once bragged on record about never smoking weed. But, after Cypress Hill lifted their veil of smoke, Dre got to work on an album called The Chronic.


    And Cypress Hill’s cannabis candidness wasn’t just relegated to their raps, either. The group became outspoken advocates for the legalization of marijuana, ushering in a new era of pot positivity that Cypress Hill are still pushing forward to this very day.

    In this episode of The Opus, host Jill Hopkins takes a look at the foundation of bud bars that Cypress Hill laid down, and how that influence helped establish the golden age of weed-based hip-hop. Joining her are the likes of Cypress Hill’s own B-Real and Sen Dog, plus Chuck D, Rebel Diaz, Ruffhouse Records’ Joe Nicolo, and journalist Steve Huey.

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    Original music by Tony Piazza.

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