A Conversation with Faye Webster About Isolation and Depression

The indie folk artist shares her approach to managing negative thinking

faye webster going there with dr mike
Going There with Faye Webster, photo by Pooneh Ghana

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    Indie folk artist (and former Consequence Artist of the MonthFaye Webster speaks about her struggle with isolation and depression in the latest episode of the Going There podcast with Dr. Mike Friedman, presented in partnership with Sound Mind Live.

    The I Know I’m Funny haha singer-songwriter shares her experience of isolation during the pandemic, something to which many of us can relate. We as human beings often crave connecting with others, and the pandemic has in many cases radically changed and interfered with how we connect with people. Webster describes how she approaches her mental health as an ongoing and experimental process by which she is always searching for new and improved ways to improve her emotional well-being.


    One way the Atlanta Millionaires Club artist chose to cope during the pandemic was by connecting with herself through her songwriting. We often think of connection as something that is just between people, but it is something that we can feel within ourselves. And in fact, when we are feeling isolated and disconnected from others, it can often be a very effective strategy to start by making sure that we connect to ourselves -– understanding who we are, how we feel, and what we hope to do in our lives. The more we reconnect with ourselves, we will actually feel more capable of going out into the world to connect with others so we can feel less isolated.

    Going There is an interview series in which clinical psychologist and life coach Dr. Mike Friedman talks with musicians about the crossroads where music and mental health meet. Dr. Mike talks with musicians who have stepped up to share their wonderful work with us and are now sharing the intimate details of their journey in living with mental illness. Dr. Mike asks the tough questions and has the difficult conversations, so that we can shine a light on the difficult topic of mental illness so we can all come out of the darkness, put an end to the stigma of mental illness, and get the care we need.

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