Garbage Announce beautifulgarbage 20th Anniversary Reissue

Listen to a previously unheard version of the album's lead single, "Androgyny"

Garbage in 2001
Garbage circa 2001, photo courtesy of band

    Garbage have a 20th anniversary deluxe reissue of their third studio album, beautifulgarbage.

    The expanded set arrives on October 1st via UMe — exactly 20 years to the day of the album’s original release. Alongside new remasters of the album’s 13 songs, the tracklist boasts B-sides, demos, and remixes. As a preview, Garbage has shared a previously unheard version of the album’s lead single, “Androgyny.” Take a listen below.

    “We wanted to celebrate the release of our third album in the same manner as we have celebrated the 20th anniversaries of our previous two records, as we cherish this third child of ours just as much as its predecessors,” said singer Shirley Manson in a statement. “Over time it has garnered more and more respect from our fans, with many of the songs remaining in rotation in our live sets to this day. We’ve always felt incredibly proud of this record and felt it was in many ways very much ahead of its time.”

    “Twenty years down the line, we are all exceedingly grateful to have such well-crafted songs in our discography,” added Manson, “and are very proud that against all the odds we are still standing and can give our beloved album the tribute it so very much deserves.”


    Garbage’s 20th anniversary edition of beautifulgarbage will be released in a variety of configurations, including as a 3xLP, 2xLP, 3xCD, or digital deluxe set. Pre-orders are ongoing. Update: Due to production releases, the reissue’s release date has been pushed back to November 5th.

    Back in June, Garbage released their seventh studio album, No Gods No Masters. Last week, they launched a lengthy US tour supporting Alanis Morissette.


    beautifulgarbage 20th Anniversary Reissue Tracklist:

    01. Shut Your Mouth (2021 Remaster)
    02. Androgyny (2021 Remaster)
    03. Can’t Cry These Tears (2021 Remaster)
    04. Til The Day I Die (2021 Remaster)
    05. Cup Of Coffee (2021 Remaster)
    06. Silence Is Golden (2021 Remaster)
    07. Cherry Lips (2021 Remaster)
    08. Breaking Up The Girl (2021 Remaster)
    09. Drive You Home (2021 Remaster)
    10. Parade (2021 Remaster)
    11. Nobody Loves You (2021 Remaster)
    12. Untouchable (2021 Remaster)
    13. So Like A Rose (2021 Remaster)


    CD2 – B-sides & alt versions
    01. Candy Says
    02. Use Me
    03. Sex Never Goes Out Of Fashion
    04. Begging Bone
    05. April 10th
    06. Happiness Pt.2
    07. Confidence
    08. Enough Is Never Enough
    09. Wild Horses (Live)
    10. I’m Really Into Techno
    11. Pride In The Name Of Love *
    12. Androgyny (Rough Mix March 14, 2001) *
    13. Til The Day I Die (Demo Sept 14, 1999) *
    14. Nobody Loves You (Rough Mix March 14, 2001) *
    15. Breaking Up The Girl (Acoustic)
    16. Silence Is Golden (Demo Sept 14, 1999) *
    17. Can’t Cry These Tears (Rough Mix March 14, 2001) *
    18. Shut Your Mouth (Live)
    19. Begging Bone (Early Demo Mix)

    CD3 – Remixes
    01. Shut Your Mouth (Jagz Kooner Radio Mix) *
    02. Shut Your Mouth (Jolly Music Scary Full Vocal Mix)
    03. Shut Your Mouth (Professor Reay Clubbed Dead Pig Mix)
    04. Androgyny (Neptunes Remix)
    05. Androgyny Felix Da Housecat (Thee Glitz Mix)
    06. Androgyny (The Architechs Mix)
    07. Breaking Up The Girl (Timo Maas Radio Mix)
    08. Breaking Up The Girl (Brothers In Rhythm Radio Edit)
    09. Breaking Up The Girl (The Scourge Of The Earth Rodeo Rave Remix by Jimmy Caulty)
    10. Breaking Up The Girl (Black Dog Wounded By The Warbeast)
    11. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) (Le Royale Mix)
    12. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) (Mauve’s Dark Remix With Acapella edit)
    13. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) (DJEJ’s Go Go Jam by Eli Janney)
    14. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) (Roger Sanchez Tha S-Man’s Release Mix (Radio) Edit)
    15. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) (Howie B Remix)
    16. Parade End Of Night Mix *

    * = previously unreleased

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