Japanese Breakfast Shares New Song “Glider”: Stream

Michelle Zauner's contribution to the Sable soundtrack

japanese breakfast shares new single glider from sable soundstrack stream
Japanese Breakfast, photo by Tonje Thilesen

    Michelle Zauner: dreampop star, bestselling author, and now, video game soundtrack composer. Today, the musician better known as Japanese Breakfast is sharing the latest single from Sable, her forthcoming soundtrack to the video game of the same name. The track is called “Glider,” and it’s one of the three songs on the soundtrack to include lyrics.

    Though “Glider” wasn’t written with a typical Japanese Breakfast project in mind, its swirling, ethereal melodies sound right in line with Zauner’s usual mode. It’s easy to imagine yourself floating through the vast open world that comes with Sable while listening to it. In a press release, Zauner cited film score legends Alan Menken and Joe Hisaishi as some of her biggest inspirations while creating the Sable soundtrack.

    “I was so lucky Daniel Fineberg and Gregorios Kythreotis from Shedworks invited me onto this game so early on,” Zauner added in a statement. “I was immediately captivated by the world they’d built, a desert planet filled with mysterious natural and architectural wonders, and the story they’d imagined, one of a young girl coming of age through exploration. It was important to me that each biome in this world felt unique.”


    “Glider” marks our second preview of the Sable soundtrack following “Better the Mask,” which was revealed in a trailer for the game.

    To coincide with today’s release, Sony is launching pre-orders for the vinyl edition of the Sable soundtrack, which arrives as a 2xLP set. Meanwhile, an artist exclusive edition is available through Japanese Breakfast’s web store, with a number of different color variants being sold exclusively through retailers including Vinyl Me Please and Light in the Attic. The soundtrack is out officially on September 24th.

    Earlier this year, Zauner re-recorded “Be Sweet” — a highlight from her new album, Jubilee — in Simlish for The Sims 4: Cottage Living expansion pack.


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