UK electro-pop crooner Katy B is back, having just released a new single called “Under My Skin” that serves as her first piece of solo music in five years. Stream it below.

Katy B sounds right at home on “Under My Skin,” scaling falsettos and low notes with ease while singing about a love gone sour. Musically, it’s a light and catchy number with snappy percussion, buoyant synths, and vocal runs galore. Part of that instrumentation is thanks to P2J, the Nigerian musician who co-wrote and produced the single.

In a statement, Katy B said it was a “dream” to work with P2J on the song:

“He’s a fellow south Londoner like me and went to school with my brother. He told me back in the day my brother was always saying to him ‘you have to work with my sister’ and when we met, I instantly felt at ease. We wrote the song in my studio in my house and it just flowed. He’s such a wizard with drums and even though the song is quite up tempo, the instrumentation had a pull of sadness too. I was feeling quite shocked and heartbroken at the time which is reflected in the song but I still wanted the lyrics to have a conclusion of hope, perseverance and self worth.”

In the song’s accompanying music video, directed by Ash K Halliburton, Katy B can be seen lounging around on leather sofas and reclining in a stylish, vintage car. Around her, lights flash between deep reds and vibrant blues, emphasizing the moody undercurrent of the otherwise airy track. A few kaleidoscope shots are spliced throughout that give Katy B an opportunity to strike a pose while singing. Check it out below.


Earlier this year, Katy B joined London jazz drummer Moses Boyd for a remix of his song “2 Far Gone.” Before that, her most recent album, Honey, came out back in early 2016. Revisit our review of that full-length here.