Slowcore legends Low have been teasing their upcoming album HEY WHAT before it comes out in September with a string of new singles. Their latest preview of the record is “More,” and it might just be the best track we’ve heard from it yet. Stream it below.

“More” runs out the gate with blistering distortion and blown-out fuzz that, despite their volume, are actually quite melodic and pretty. Alan Sparhawk’s guitar is emotive as ever thanks to that textural filter, and Mimi Parker’s timeless falsettos further draw out that airy feeling. “I saw more than what I ever sought,” she sings. “I should have asked for more than what I got.” It’s a dense two minutes, there’s no doubting that, but it goes by in a flash.

Accompanying the Low song is a music video by Julie Casper Roth. The stop-motion clip sees a person slowly dismantling various items that transform into other textures, like a chocolate bar being sliced into cork pieces or a chunk of soundproofing foam being chopped into black cotton balls. A press release describes the video for “More” as metaphorically exploring “the Sisyphean task of dismantling structural oppression, through gender biases.”


This is the third single Low have shared from HEY WHAT so far. It follows the beautiful a capella track “Days Like These” and the subtly dark song “Disappearing.” Both of those come with pensive music videos of their own, too.

HEY WHAT is due out September 10th via Sub Pop. Pre-orders are ongoing via the label’s website, including a special clear vinyl pressing and other formats.

HEY WHAT Tracklist:
01. White Horses
02. I Can Wait
03. All Night
04. Disappearing
05. Hey
06. Days Like These
07. There’s a Comma After Still
08. Don’t Walk Away
09. More
10. The Price You Pay (It Must Be Wearing Off)