Metallica have shared a video of former bassist Jason Newsted unboxing the upcoming super deluxe “Black Album” box set. The massive collection arrives September 10th.

In the video, Newsted sets up shop on his front porch for the lengthy unboxing. This isn’t your ordinary expanded edition, either. The sheer amount of content is mind-boggling: discs galore (the full album, bonus tracks, live cuts, alternate versions, etc.), a photo book, flyers, and copious ephemera.

The goods pour out across the table as the bassist charismatically offers fans a first glimpse at the box set. As if he’s unearthing a time capsule of the era, Newsted discusses each item and even offers nostalgic anecdotes as he goes.

The pictures send him back in time to the shoots with photographer Ross Halfin and the recording sessions for the seminal 1991 album with producer Bob Rock.

“We were hitting on all cylinders then,” Newsted exclaims after opening the sleeve for a live recording from May 1993.

For hardcore fans, it’s cool to see Newsted involved in the 30th anniversary campaign for the box set. After the missing bass debacle on …And Justice for All, Newsted’s low-end contributions would be vital to the massive soundstage present on “The Black Album.” Though he’d leave the band on shaky terms in 2001, both parties have patched things up.


Pre-order the upcoming box set via Metallica’s website or Amazon. Watch Jason Newsted unbox the super deluxe “Black Album” box set below.