In celebration of National CBD Day, Consequence Shop is offering discounts on all our Flower Lab and GWAR Bud of Gods CBD and Delta-8 products.

Available exclusively through the Consequence Shop, our new premium CBD brand Flower Lab offers organically grown and ethically harvested hemp from the mountains of Colorado. Processed with organic coconut oil and water instead of harsh chemical solvents, our fill-spectrum cannabinoids are extracted via a proprietary process that guarantees the purest CBD available. Our flowers, oils, capsules, and balms provide high quality, low impact remedies for balanced living.

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For those looking to bring peace and chaos to their inner Scumdog, we also offer our line of GWAR Bud of Gods products. For a limited time, new users can save 10% on all GWAR flowers, gummies, tinctures, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and more using the code COSNEW10. You can also snag some of our wide array of exclusive merch, include Bud of God grinders, ash trays, dug outs, and apparel. See it all at the Bud of Gods shop.

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