Greetings and salutations, fellow anarchists,

It’s Punk Week here at Consequence. What does that mean? It means it’s ALL PUNK, ALL THE TIME! Okay, we’ll still be bringing you all of the usual goods on the music, film, and television sides, but otherwise, get ready for some killer punk stuff.

The weeklong takeover begins today (August 16th), and you can expect a range of thoughtful interviews, essays, guides, and big-ass staff lists. There will also be some super-special merch that our very talented designers have been losing sleep over, and — as long as all of you stay on your worst behavior — even a surprise or two. (The good kind of surprise, not the accidental step-in-dog-shit kind of surprise.)

For the true connoisseurs who don’t want to miss anything — and for those who are simply itching to judge the hell out of our expert opinions about punk — you can navigate to everything in one place by clicking that snazzy “Punk Week” button on the homepage. You can also see a running list of everything below.


Enjoy, and have fun storming the establishment!

Monday, August 16th:

Tuesday, August 17th:

Wednesday, August 18th:

Thursday, August 19th:

Friday, August 20th:

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