Trapped in a jail cell with nothing to wear: As US District Judge Ann M. Donnelly ruled on what evidence in R. Kelly’s New York sex trafficking trial can be shown to jurors, his lawyer offered an update on his well-being, saying the disgraced singer is out of money and gaining weight in prison.

Via Associated Press, Judge Donnelly delivered several blows to the defense on Tuesday, August 3rd. She ruled that women alleging abuse can testify with only their first names, disallow questions about whether the accusers had received mental health treatment, and declared that jurors cannot be informed that one accuser was employed as an exotic dancer years after the alleged abuse took place. “It’s going to be a long trial,” Donnelly said.

This is surely to add to the stress faced by Kelly, who has pleaded not guilty and is currently not making any friends in jail while he awaits trial. One of the disgraced singer’s lawyers, Devereaux Cannick, put Kelly’s hard times into relief when he asked that court transcripts be provided at no cost. “His funds are depleted,” Cannick said, noting his client hasn’t worked in two years. He also noted that Kelly had gained weight in prison, and asked that he be measured for new clothing.


Besides his New York case, Kelly is facing federal indictments in Illinois, as well as state charges in Illinois and Minnesota. And while that seems like a lot, new charges continue to be added; just last week, he was accused of sexual contact with an underaged boy. Earlier this year, a former Kelly associate pleaded guilty to attempting to bribe a witness.