Shirley Manson on Sitting Down With Patti Smith, Thundercat, and More “Amazing Minds” For Season 3 of Her Podcast

"I think if I had sat down with David Byrne in the flesh, I might have fucking fainted on the spot," says Manson

Shirley Manson Interview
Shirley Manson, photo by Ksenija Mikor

    As the lead singer of the band Garbage, Shirley Manson has spent nearly three decades clocking in time as the subject of countless interviews. On her podcast The Jump, however, the alt-rock icon steps into the interviewer role, welcoming one renowned musician per episode to discuss one song that changed the trajectory of their career.

    Manson never intended to start a podcast, but when the opportunity arose, she saw no other option than to run with it. “As you get older, you kind of have to seek out adventures and opportunities in a way that you don’t have to when you’re young,” Manson tells Consequence. “For me to have this experience at 55, at this point in my career, has just been invaluable.”

    The third season of The Jump — available now wherever you stream your podcasts — boasts some of the podcast’s most exciting names yet, ranging from multigenerational icons like Patti Smith and David Byrne to contemporary favorites like Run the Jewels and Thundercat.


    Although Manson had never conducted an interview prior to recording the first season of The Jump, you wouldn’t be able to tell. Her whip-smart sense of humor and unbridled passion lay the groundwork for incredibly enhancing, raw conversations. “To be quite frank, I still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing,” Manson adds. “I just try to listen, which is a whole skill in itself. It’s been really illuminating for me and enhanced my appreciation for music journalism.”

    Below, Consequence chats with Manson about the making of The Jump‘s third season, and the most important things she’s learned along the way. Garbage is also currently on tour with Alanis Morissette; grab tickets via Ticketmaster or the secondary market.

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