Sylvester Stallone turned in a gloriously fishy performance in The Suicide Squad, and he hasn’t jumped the shark yet. After James Gunn’s anti-hero caper took the top spot at the box office, the Italian Stallion now has a No. 1 film in six straight decades.

As Deadline notes, Stallone actually has 20 different films that have reached No. 1 for at least a week, in a dizzying filmography that spans 46 flicks. Along the way, he’s spilled gallons of fake blood in earnest performances that have been anything but Sly.

He first climbed to the top with 1976’s Rocky, and he did it again with 1982’s First Blood, 1993’s Demolition Man, 2001’s Driven, 2010’s The Expendables, and now, 2021’s The Suicide Squad in which he voiced King Shark, just to name a few.


Up next for Stallone is the superhero film Samaritan, directed by Julius Avery and due out in 2022. And considering the great shape that the 75-year-old is in — and the number of blockbuster franchises he anchors — it’s not out of the question for him to hit No. 1 in a seventh decade sometime in the 2030s.