A tiny toddler took over the stage at the 2021 Obscene Extreme metal festival in the Czech Republic last month, seemingly unfazed and even pleased by the musical brutality that was being delivered behind him.

The little tough guy thankfully sported some ear protection while stomping across the stage as the Czech band Force of Hell rocked a crushing song during their July 17th set on Day 2 of the three-day extravaganza at Battlefield Trutnov.

At one point, the youngster took a seat at the front of the stage as long-haired metalheads were headbanging at the barricade in front of him. Later on, he went right up to a speaker and embraced it, soaking in its booming vibrations.


Last month, we reported that a New Zealand mom had named her three kids Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera. We have no idea what this kid’s name is, but he was definitely born with some serious metal blood in him.

Watch below as the mini metalhead brings the thunder to the Obscene Extreme festival: