DijahSB Breaks Down New EP Tasty Raps Vol. 1 Track by Track: Exclusive

The six-track EP comes on the heels of April's Head Above the Waters

dijahsb Tasty Raps Vol. 1 track by track photo by Vonny Lorde
Dijah SB Track by Track, photo by Vonny Lorde

    In our Track by Track feature, artists are tasked with sharing the stories behind each song on their latest album. Today, DijahSB takes us track by track through their new EP Tasty Raps Vol. 1

    DijahSB is back today (September 17th) with their latest EP, Tasty Raps Vol. 1. Released independently, the six-track project features assists from Ray HMND and Mick Jenkins.

    Arriving just five months after their sophomore album Head Above the Waters, the new release marks the nonbinary rapper’s second release of 2021. It includes the lead single “New Balance” and the previously-dropped “Here to Dance.”


    Kicking things off on the opening track “Earthtone,” DijahSB maintains their musical independence by declaring, “I’ve never asked for no handout/ I’ve always done this shit solo/ And I was wearin’ my SBs/ Like ‘Ye was rockin’ that polo/ They mad.” Elsewhere, the talented Reon Vangèr and Cheap Limousine trade off production duties.

    Tasty Raps Vol. 1 “was born out of a tweet from literally one of the most influential artists in my life, Kid Cudi, who once tweeted me saying my raps are ‘tasty’,” as DijahSB shared in a press release. “Although not as cohesive as my last album, I find that I was just having fun with this idea and wanted to create something short and precise in order to launch it.”

    Listen to the new EP, and check out the Toronto MC’s Track by Track breakdown, below.

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