The Killers channeled a small mountain town with a low-key performance of the Pressure Machine track “In Another Life” on Corden.

The Las Vegas rockers have grown comfortable with spectacle — some fun set pieces, a bit of lighting razzle dazzle — but those old tricks are a poor fit for the concept album Pressure Machine. Instead, the band matched the intimacy of the songwriting, placing frontman Brandon Flowers in a spotlight and leaving the rest of the performers in the dark. Flowers emphasized the desperation of “In Another Life,” tearing at his chest and tackling the anthemic chorus with a mix of rage and bewilderment. Check it out below.

Two weeks ago, The Killers were set to perform at We Love NYC: The Homecoming Concert before it was shut down early due to severe weather. Instead, they played “Mr. Brightside” backstage, which was aired on CNN and accompanied by an enthusiastic Gayle King.


The Killers have a few scattered tour dates and festival appearances in 2021, and next year they’ll embark on a headlining tour in support of their two quarantine albums, Pressure Machine and Imploding the Mirage. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster and on the secondary market here.