The Final Show of Pearl Jam’s First Tour Heralded Future Stardom

The Opus podcast welcomes the Metro Chicago founder Joe Shanahan to discuss witnessing a band on the rise to superstardom

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The Opus: Pearl Jam’s Ten

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    Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament once stated that “essentially Ten was just an excuse to tour.”

    The band clearly just wanted some material to play on the road, as their first tour kicked off just after they’d completed mixing sessions for their debut album; the record wasn’t even released yet. The tour — PJ’s only with drummer Matt Chamberlain — was a short one focusing on the East Coast and Midwest. It wrapped up in Chicago at the famed Cabaret Metro with a concert that is still legendary among Pearl Jam fans.


    After that Metro gig on July 21st, 1991, the band took a break as they prepared for the release of Ten. The album arrived a month later on August 27th, and by September, Pearl Jam returned for a world tour as one of the newly crowned kings of ’90s rock.

    In this episode of Consequence Podcast Network and Sony’s The Opus: Ten, we go back to the Metro to relive that final show of Pearl Jam’s first tour so we can see a band on the brink of decades-long stardom. Joining host Jill Hopkins on this trip back in time is none other than the Metro’s founder, Joe Shanahan.

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    Original music by Tony Piazza.

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