Alex Lahey Shares Free-Spirited New Single “Spike the Punch”: Stream

The Aussie indie rocker returns with her first proper solo single of the year

alex lahey new single spike the punch stream
Alex Lahey, photo by Nick McKinlay

    Alex Lahey returns today with “Spike the Punch,” her first proper solo single of 2021. Self-produced alongside John Castle and mixed by Grammy winner Carlos de la Garza, the power-pop tune arrives with a stunning accompanying music video.

    Like taking a gulp of jungle juice in the wee morning hours at a house party, “Spike the Punch” feels like an inhibition-free sugar rush. Its lyrics reckon with the euphoria of ditching your morals, while the threat of real consequences always linger in the shadows: “I got my ass kicked, it was fantastic /Kept going back like a hopeless romantic,” Lahey sings in the track’s opening lines before an explosive chorus.

    “‘Spike the Punch’ is a song about the fun that comes with self-sabotage and reckless abandon,” Lahey wrote in a statement. “It’s big, it’s loud, it’s fun, it’s its own beast. There are some super sinister tones in there rubbing up against really bright anime style guitar harmonies (guitarmonies, anyone?..) and shout choruses. ‘Spike’ feels like a raucous bookend to navigating these cruelly unpredictable times. Touch wood.”


    The music video for “Spike the Punch,” directed by Matt Sav, evokes a similar sense of inhibited freedom. It stars Matthew Pope as an apparent everyman who decides to gleefully let loose. “Matt and I spoke about how we wanted to capture a sense of freedom, fluidity and fun in this video along with hurtling forward momentum,” Lahey added. “Matt Pope, the brilliant performer who stars in the video, completely harnesses the direction and puts on a hell of a show. It gives me chills every time I press play.” Check out the “Spike the Punch” video below.

    Back in February, Lahey teamed up with Gordi for the collaborative single “Dino’s,” and in March, she covered Faith Hill’s objectively perfect 1998 hit “This Kiss.” Her last LP was 2019’s The Best of Luck Club.