Björk Returns to the Stage For Orchestral Global Live Stream: Recap

The artist has been performing archival tracks alongside the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra

bjork live stream
Björk, photo courtesy of the artist

    Before we get to listen to that living room club album, Björk is making a few “stops” on a virtual tour with an orchestral global live stream concert series via DICE.

    The four-show series kicked off in Iceland from the Harpa Reykjavík Concert Hall on October 11th. After having to reschedule the series due to COVID-19 regulations in Iceland, Björk has noted that the series is a celebration of “healthily exiting quarantine together.”

    During the Sunday, October 24th concert, Björk, joined by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, performed a baker’s dozen of songs from her albums Medulla, Biophilia, and Utopia. Adorned in a regal blue Balenciaga dress and a gold headpiece, Björk stood out amongst the dark stage, and gave the type of self-assured performance that we’ve certainly missed from the artist over the past two years.


    In particular, Medulla got plenty of shine, as the artist performed seven compositions from the 2004 effort. As always, Björk brought a new dimension to every song throughout the live set; standout “Oceania,” the first single off the 2004 album, was bolstered by beautiful piano.

    Throughout the live stream series, Björk has also been sharing “score stories” that break down aspects of her setlists. “Oceania was written for the olympics.,. So my odd sense of humor went directly to tom and jerry competing on 2 pianos, as if it was sport. So those extreme runs in between my phrases, were first piano runs and then later, when the focus turned to greece, i decided to make them into nymphs and syrens flying in the sky, wailing,” she shared about “oceania” in a post.

    With two performances left, on October 31st and November 15th, Björk is set to play a different selection of songs each night, drawing from her expansive discography. A percentage of ticket sales from these shows will also be donated to support women’s charities worldwide.


    In an event description, she says the series honors “folks who got hit hardest in the coronavirus and the black lives matter movement,” as well as pays homage to the many Icelandic musicians she has worked with throughout the years. The series, then, resonates as an intersection between those who are in a place to give, and those who suffered under the circumstances of the global pandemic. Tickets for the remaining shows are available here.


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