Britney Spears Says She’s Writing a Book About “A Girl Who Gets Murdered”

The plot feels a bit familiar

britney spears says shes writing a book about a girl who gets murdered instagram
Britney Spears, photo via Instagram

    Step aside, Sally Rooney — now that her father has finally been suspended as her conservator, Britney Spears is here to conquer every young woman’s literary fiction reading list. In an Instagram post shared this week, the singer announced plans to write her debut novel. Its plot, as summarized by Spears herself, seems eerily familiar.

    “I’m writing a book about a girl⁣ who was murdered yet her ghost gets stuck in limbo because of trauma and pain and she doesn’t know how to cross over to the world she [used] to know,” the pop star wrote underneath a photo of a hand holding a pen. “After being stuck in limbo for three years, she is a ghost who thrives off of her reflection in her mirror for existence!!!! She has no one she can trust but something happens and she figures out how to cross over to the world where her family is.”

    Spears continued: “Coming out of the limbo she has a decision to make … greet the same people who murdered her or create a whole new life !!!! She no longer needs her mirror … she found a portal by citing certain prayers constantly that give her the insight and gift to not be scared anymore and come out of limbo.” What happens when this protagonist “crosses over,” Spears added, will be left for us to find out.


    Spears has yet to divulge any more information about her literary endeavors, but anyone who’s been keeping tabs on the #FreeBritney movement might deduce that, in an epic feat of Sylvia Plathian proportions, this novel could actually be a metaphor for the trauma she’s faced with her father as her conservator. The singer had reportedly pushed to end her conservatorship for years, voicing her feelings of betrayal by her own family. Fans had even gone so far as to identify what they believed to be secret SOS messages in Spears’ social media posts — and social media is the most terrifying mirror, after all. See her post below.

    Spears’ father, Jamie, agreed to step down as his daughter’s conservator in August. Since then, she appears to be fully embracing her new freedom, topless photos and all. You can also catch up on the legal drama with Controlling Britney Spearsthe new follow-up documentary to February’s Framing Britney Spears.