The holidays are coming early for Silk Sonic fans, as Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak have officially announced the release date for their collaborative first album is November 12th.

An Evening with Silk Sonic was initially targeted for a January 2022 release, as revealed by the duo in an August interview with Rolling Stone. At the time, Mars explained that they wanted to share a few more singles to give their music more space. “I don’t want to be binge-watched,” said Mars.

So far, Mars and .Paak have only released two songs as a group: “Leave the Door Open” and “Skate,” the latter of which was named our Song of the Week. However, demand for more new material has only grown with performances at the Grammys, iHeartRadio Music Awards, and BET Awards.

While speaking to Rolling Stone, Mars opened up about Silk Sonic’s goal for their debut album. “We need to light up a stage, put the fear of God in anyone performing before us or after us, and bring so much joy to the people we’re in front of and the people listening,” he said. “Especially in times like the time we’re in right now.”


“I know I wasn’t listening to any depressing music,” Mars added. “We’re already in a weird spot — so to try to get in there? No! I want the escape!”

Pre-orders for An Evening with Silk Sonic are ongoing ahead of its new release date. Stay tuned for new singles when they drop.