It’s Coldplay season: this Friday (October 15th), Coldplay will release Music of the Spheres, their ninth studio album.

    Though Music of the Spheres promises to be a stylized collection of pop songs with an outer space theme, Coldplay is no stranger to transformation. Each of their studio albums, from 2000’s Parachutes to 2019’s Everyday Life, are ambitious, detailed works, with several highlights and exciting entries to their discography.

    From their bare-bones, post-Britpop hits of the early 2000s, to Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends‘ chamber pop, to the Top 40-friendly sounds of their new albums, Coldplay’s chameleon-like energy doesn’t seem to be dying out any time soon.

    Nobody said it was easy, but to celebrate their storied career, we’re ranking the 10 best Coldplay songs.

    — Paolo Ragusa

    Executive Editorial Assistant