Coldplay and Selena Gomez Perform “Let Somebody Go” on Corden: Watch

Dave Grohl also appeared on the episode to promote his new memoir

Coldplay Selena Gomez
Coldplay and Selena Gomez perform on Corden (CBS)

    Coldplay are officially taking over The Late Late Show with James Corden this week, and they kicked off their residency on Monday night by bringing Selena Gomez out for a collaborative performance of “Let Somebody Go.” Before that, Dave Grohl took the stage for a chat with Corden about his new book. Watch replays of both moments below.

    “Let Somebody Go” is a stripped-down electro-ballad from Coldplay’s new album, Music of the Spheres, and their TV performance of the track illuminated its charming qualities. Arguably the best part, however, was when Chris Martin and Gomez got to intertwine their vocals for the chorus after delivering their open-hearted verses.

    “Let Somebody Go” will likely be Coldplay’s next post-release single from Music of the Spheres, following heavy-hitter tracks like “Higher Power” and “Coloratura.” It’s hard to imagine any cut topping their smash hit “My Universe,” though, which sees Coldplay teaming up with BTS both on the single and its intergalactic music video.


    For his segment on Corden, Grohl sat down for a chat with the host about Dave Grohl: The Storyteller — Tales In Life & Music. The Foo Fighters frontman opened up about the stories and secrets that comprise his new memoir, some of which he previewed earlier this month at an intimate show in New York City. He also spoke about his recent drum off with Nandi Bushell.

    Grohl is always in the news for his good deeds, be it reading Ringo Starr’s bedtime story to kids virtually or forming a lifelong friendship with Tenacious D. But recently, he was dragged into dark headlines by Spencer Elden, the person who was photographed as a baby on the cover of Nirvana’s iconic 1991 album Nevermind, who is suing the band for child sexual exploitation 30 years later. In a recent interview, Grohl said he’s grateful he doesn’t have to “do the paperwork” on a legal matter like this, and he has “many ideas of how we should alter that cover” if need be.

    In happier news, Grohl recently revealed that he seriously considered joining GWAR back in the day. He allegedly auditioned to be in the band, designed his own costume, and got to work practicing his drum parts. Grohl claims he backed out because he didn’t want to “invite my uncle to see me play when there’s like fake blood and cum shooting all over the place.” However, GWAR’s Blothar claims that Grohl was hired and then fired seven minutes later, explaining, “He was holding us back.” Both scenarios are wildly fun to picture, and even more fun to debate their veracity.


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