16 Best Curb Your Enthusiasm Guest Stars of All Time: Michael J. Fox, Jon Hamm and More

All of the pretty, pretty, pretty good celebs who have made appearances over the decades

Curb Your Enthusiasm guest stars
Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)/Illustration by Steven Fiche

    For more than twenty years now (with a few years-long breaks in between), HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm has managed to keep itself centered at the apex of cringe comedy. With his patented blend of selfish grumpiness and bone-to-pick-itude at the everyday rhythms of polite society, creator and star Larry David has managed to keep himself fresh (and not age a day, somehow) in the two decades since.

    The key to Curb‘s relentless skewering of Hollywood and LA culture is the cavalcade of cameos from film and TV’s best and brightest, from smaller niche stars finding their footing to major movie stars showing new, selfish sides of themselves.

    In anticipation of the show’s eleventh (wow!) season on HBO this Sunday (October 24th), we broke down some of the most gut-busting, norm-breaking cameos in the show’s long history. Sit down with whatever vanilla bullshit drink you fancy, and give it a look.