HEALTH and Poppy Team Up for New Song “Dead Flowers”: Stream

The heavy electro artists join forces for a blissful shoegaze track

health poppy dead flowers video
HEALTH (photo by Faith Crawford), Poppy (photo by Frank Ockenfels)

    HEALTH and Poppy have joined forces for a new song titled “Dead Flowers.” They’ve also unveiled a music video for the heavy shoegaze track, which will be included on HEALTH’s upcoming collab compilation, DISCO4 :: PART II.

    Known for their industrial and electronic leanings, HEALTH and Poppy take a mellower turn on “Dead Flowers.” It’s a massive slab of melodic dream-pop in the vein of Slowdive and Cocteau Twins.

    HEALTH lay down a bed of swirling guitars and deliberate, echoing drums. The sonics balance perfectly with Poppy’s voice, which is altered with just the right amount of reverb and registers above the oceanic feedback.


    The video for the single offers appropriately hazy images, as if the band’s distortion pedals could somehow emit a smokey visual of their own. Glimpses of Poppy and the various band members can be seen amidst the digital smog.

    HEALTH are always collaborating, and they’ve been especially busy as of late. So far in 2021, we’ve heard their single with Nine Inch Nails, “ISN’T EVERYONE,” and a piece with Chino Moreno and Tyler Bates titled “Anti-Life.” The former track and “Dead Flowers” will be included on DISCO4 :: PART II, the sequel to HEALTH’s previous all-collab compilation released in 2020.

    As for Poppy, the one-time electro-pop sensation has embraced a heavier aesthetic, as heard on her 2020 album I Disagree. Meanwhile, elements of shoegaze and dream pop became a focal point on her 2021 LP, Flux.


    Stream the video for “Dead Flowers” below.