Jeff Tweedy has shared a pair of solo tracks for Sub Pop Singles Club. “C’mon America” and “UR-60 Unsent” make up the latest 7-inch released from the subscription-only series.

“C’mon America,” the A-side, is described in a press release as from an “unreleased group of songs with mostly sci-fi lyrics,” while “UR-60 Unsent,” the B-side, is billed as “a pitiful tale of an unsent lovesick mixtape, taken from a separate batch of unreleased songs with mostly pitiful lyrics.”

On the twangy and sarcastic “C’mon America,” Tweedy asks, “what you gonna do now that the world is turned against you”? In contrast, “UR-60 Unsent” is a melancholy ballad full of heartsick lyrics about rejection. Stream both tracks below.


Also included in today’s drop is TV Priest’s “All Thing,” the UK post-punk band’s B-side to “Lifesize,” which was released last month. The brooding track features lyrics about finding a sense of belonging. Stream it below.

In a statement, singer Charlie Drinkwater described the track as “a subversion of the Anglo Saxon word for parliament or meeting (Althing or Thing). It asks questions about the power of groupthink and ideas of nationhood that have become static, non-inclusive and singular.”

Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 6 also includes 7-inch singles by artists like John Waters, Washed Out, and Hand Habits. Subscribe to the series here.

In August, Tweedy contributed to The Awesome Album, the debut album of Park and Recreations slacker rock outfit Mouse Rat. More recently, the Wilco frontman covered the Ted Lasso theme song for Episode 9 of the recently completed second season of the Emmy-winning Apple TV+ series. Earlier this year, he contributed a cover to May the Circle Remain Unbroken, a tribute to late psych rocker Roky Erickson.