Larry David, Phoebe Bridgers Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Watch

Name a more iconic duo

Larry David and Phoebe Bridgers on Kimmel
Larry David and Phoebe Bridgers on Kimmel (ABC)

    Name a more iconic duo: Larry David and Phoebe Bridgers both appeared on Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

    David was there to hype up the impending return of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but aside from showing a brief clip of Season 11, the free-wheeling convo touched on everything but Curb. David addressed the time he showed up to Kimmel’s house for dinner on the wrong day, and his decision not to show up on the correct day. He also discussed his aversion to standup comedy (“When I got up on stage, I couldn’t say hello properly”), his relationship with comedian Richard Lewis, and that viral photo from Fashion Week (“It was very noisy!”)

    Explaining how he ended up at Fashion Week in the first place, David explained, “My friend… his fiancée is a great fashion designer. He said to me that my presence would be helpful. ‘I want to go, your presence would be helpful.’ I said my presence has never been helpful anywhere. Wherever I am, it’s wrong. Everything is better when I’m not there… It reminded me, a friend of mine’s girlfriend was a waitress at the Improv. She said, ‘Could you walk me to the car?’ What’s that going to do? Am I deterrent? The muggers are going to see a skinny bald guy and say, ‘Be careful. He’s armed with Pepto Bismol.”


    As for Bridgers, she staged an elaborate in-studio performance of “Moon Song,” complete with astronaut costumes, a space ship, and a large video screen displaying the surface of the moon. Accompanying her for the performance was yMusic co-founder Rob Moose on violin.

    Replay both Larry David’s interview and Phoebe Bridgers’ performance below.