Maxo Kream has shared the release date and artwork for his new album WEIGHT OF THE WORLDThe follow-up to 2019’s Brandon Banks drops Monday, October 18th, and to herald its arrival, the Houston rapper has shared the new song “GREENER KNOTS.”

This latest single finds MK reflecting on how a hard-knock upbringing can influence a person’s worldview. “Okay, I seen a lot,” he begins, using a rapid fire flow with long phrases that end with a triple-rhyme. “Runnin’ in and out of granny house, uncle bummin’ on the couch, first time I seen a rock/ Hit it right there in the chair, watchin’ WWF, first time he seen The Rock.”

He returns to the rhythmic idea on the hook, spitting, “Okay, I seen a lot/ Came from the slums, had to get it out the mud, no luck, to me that means a lot,” adding that he “Never had nothin’, tryna run up on a yacht/ Leave it all for my son, them greener knots/ Don’t know about you, but to me that means a lot.”


“GREENER KNOTS” comes with a music video directed by Spike Jordan. It shows Maxo Kream in an interrogation room, being threatened by cops but rarely answering their questions, as well as clips of that previously-referenced uncle smoking said rock. The visuals imply that childhood pressures turn into adult catastrophes, and you can check it out below.

Pre-orders for WEIGHT OF THE WORLD are ongoing, and you can scroll onwards to peep the artwork. Previously, Maxo Kream shared the singles “LOCAL JOKER” and the Tyler, the Creator-assisted track “BIG PERSONA.”


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