Our Track by Track feature gives artists the chance to explain how each track on their new album came together. Today, LA duo Paris Texas break down their new EP, Red Hand Akimbo.

Less than six months after bursting on the scene with a fresh approach to hip-hop injecting rap with punk rock energy, Paris Texas have today returned with their sophomore EP Red Hand Akimbo. Stream it below.

Louie Pastel and Felix hail from Compton and South Central, respectively, but their sound has more in common with In Search of… era N.E.R.D. than their West Coast hip-hop predecessors. Louie addresses any criticism straight off the bat on the opening track “Dr. Aco’s Miracle Bullets” when he raps, “N****s can’t tell if it’s rock/ Can’t tell if it’s rap, I walk in between.”

Recording the follow-up to their May debut EP BOY ANONYMOUS didn’t come easy for the duo. On top of erasing ideas for different flows and lyrics after locking himself out of his phone, Felix recorded vocals for “Dr. Aco’s Miracle Bullets” after losing his voice. This frustration was channeled into songs like “BULLSEYE,” adding an extra sense of urgency to the frenzied production.


After playing three sold-out shows celebrating the EP in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and London this month, Paris Texas will join BROCKHAMPTON for the North American leg of the hip-hop boy band’s “Here Right Now” world tour. Tickets are still available via Ticketmaster.

For more insight into Red Hand Akimbo, Paris Texas have broken down the EP in our latest Track by Track interview. Read on for details about each of the record’s songs underneath the stream below.

“Dr. Aco’s Miracle Bullets”:
My voice had been lost during rehearsals and I was recovering. When I recorded this verse it was just fun. I took some lyrics out of my verse and I regret doing it after listening back. Like I realized I ain’t really need to. — Felix


I dreamt about the beat the day before I made it. Like as soon as I woke up, I put on voice memo to my tired ass voice and mumbled the guitar lick, the rest is history. — Louie

“girls like drugs”:
This one I took a long time with my verse. Louie’s verse was so good and he skated so crazy. I felt like I needed to match the energy or do better. N****s were so horny for this song and was pressing me for the verse and doing that could make someone not wanna do it. By the time I had the flow I thought it was gonna be so fire. I locked myself out of my phone and erased so many flows and lyrics. I don’t even think n*****s like my verse for real but the slick bars I got in I’m happy with. — Felix

This song is about how addicting girls are. Hence why the video is the way it is. I feel now more than ever we have more and more of an asocial relationship with women and it’s kinda creepy now. — Louie

When I recorded this I didn’t know what mind frame I was in but I had so much [fun] recording the reference for it. Then afterwards I had to re-record it and I don’t know if it feels the same. Louie snapped with the transition for it. It was fire. I like his verse a lot too. — Felix


This song is a feat in itself, I don’t think i’ve heard a song like this before but i’d love to be educated if it’s been done. — Louie

This was the first day I spent all this time trying to unlock my phone. It was shit. I was having a shitty day. That’s where the energy from the song came from. — Felix

This song is a bop. Fuck you if you don’t think so. — Louie