The good news is that Potty Mouth are releasing a new EP; the bad news is that it’ll be their last. Before the pop-punk trio break up, they’ll drop 1% Happier on November 19th via Get Better Records, and they’re previewing it today with the lead single “Contessa Barefoot” and its eerie music video.

Potty Mouth revealed the news of their breakup in a statement: “Hey everyone! We have some good news and some sad news for all of you. The good news is we’re releasing a 4 song EP called ‘1% Happier’ on November 19th! The EP includes 3 songs we recorded in early 2020 just before lockdown, and a cover of one of my favorite songs “Flat Top” by the Goo Goo Dolls. The sad news is this is going to be our final release as a band. Since starting in 2011 we’ve been so blessed to do as much as we have, you seriously have no idea how grateful we are for all the amazing shows and opportunities that brought us to you. I can’t thank you all enough for supporting us these last 10 years, it’s been a wild fucking ride.”

The band recorded three of the four songs on 1% Happier just before their Los Angeles hometown went into lockdown in early 2020. The EP is billed as Potty Mouth’s “most personal material to date,” tackling gender and sexuality, toxic relationships, and music industry woes.


With “Contessa Barefoot,” Potty Mouth go out with a bang, with grungy riffs calling to mind Hole, Pixies, and early Green Day. Bandleader Abby Weems confronts not a Food Network mainstay, but the dark, confusing side of navigating one’s own queer identity. “These feelings of frustration and insecurity finally had a face and it was the binary,” Weems explains. “The music video, made with Kurtis Mayo of Skating Polly, really drives the point home by manifesting the binary as creepy demon twins lurking while ‘the ghost of hetero past’ rears its ugly, femme head! I want people to be scared of the binary.”

You can pre-order 1% Happier now. Check out “Contessa Barefoot,” and see the tracklist and artwork for the EP, below.

Potty Mouth’s last studio album was 2019’s SNAFULast year, they contributed to a covers album tributing the late Adam Schlesinger alongside fellow pop-rock acts including Jeff Rosenstock, Charly Bliss, Ted Leo, Motion City Soundtrack, Nada Surf, and more.

1% Happier Artwork:

potty mouth 1 percent happier artowrk contessa barefoot stream

1% Happier Tracklist:
01. Not Going Anywhere
02. Contessa Barefoot
03. Got You
04. Flat Top