rationale.’s Dan Lambton on Managing Bipolar Disorder

Former member of Real Friends opens up about his struggles with mental health

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Going There with rationale.’s Dan Lambton, photo courtesy of artist

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    This week on Going There (presented by Consequence and Sound Mind Live), pop punk musician and mental health advocate Dan Lambton opens up about managing his bipolar disorder.

    Many of you may know Dan from his work with the pop punk band Real Friends, and he’s currently a member of rationale. Throughout his career, Lambton has taken on the topic of mental health in his music, including Real Friends songs such as “From the Outside” and “Smiling on the Surface.” Even with rationale., the topics continue on tracks like “Same Old” off their upcoming The Problem Persists LP, due out early next year via Smartpunk Records.


    Off record, Lambton has shared his struggles with bipolar disorder, in which he describes a fairly predictable cycle. He will feel more at baseline, where according to him he is able to function with his day-to-day life, and then experience a manic episode that is characterized by racing thoughts and pressured speech in which he is talking very quickly. While he says these times can be creatively productive, they’re also damaging to his health, including not being able to sleep or eat. Then comes depressive episodes with their lower moods and lack of productivity.

    One of the things Lambton discusses is that during his manic phases, he feels there’s no “off switch” to shut or even slow things down. Feeling more energized and creative can be wonderful if we feel like we have control over ourselves – our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our behavior. But when we don’t, it can be terribly frightening and dysregulating. Thankfully, Lambton explains how a regimen of medication and group therapy helps him feel more in control.

    So let’s go there and listen to what Dan Lambton has to say about his struggles with bipolar disorder. Also make sure to like and follow Going There with Dr. Mike wherever you listen to your podcasts, and check out the Consequence Podcast Network for updates on all our shows.


    This episode is sponsored by AbbVee’s, a safe online space for the bipolar 1 community to find inspiration through music and first-hand stories. Visit to learn how advocacy musicians, music lovers, and others come together to reduce stigma and raise awareness of mental health, as well as get access to additional support and resources.

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