SEVENTEEN Breaks Down Their New Album Attacca Track by Track: Exclusive

The K-pop group shares insights into their latest EP in the Power of Love series

Seventeen Attacca
Seventeen, photo courtesy of PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT

    For our Track by Track feature, artists open up about the stories behind each song on their latest album. Today, SEVENTEEN take us track by track through their ninth mini-album, Attacca.

    Welcome to Attacca: aptly named after an antiquated word describing moving forward without pause, the EP is SEVENTEEN‘s ninth mini-album, the fourth during the pandemic era alone. The group has been going nonstop.

    As is par for the course for SEVENTEEN, the album features writing, composing, and arranging credits for all the group members, along with trusted collaborator Bumzu. It’s not all too common for K-pop artists to have such a heavy hand in the process, but the members of SEVENTEEN (along with many other artists under the HYBE umbrella) are enthusiastic exceptions.


    This album arrives to slot itself into the group’s “Power of Love” series. Breaking down some of the themes within the collection, S.COUPS says: “Love is the main message that we wanted to relay… love is a timeless message and crucial element that everyone always needs in their lives, and the kind of message we tried to convey through Attacca is that no matter where you’re from, or what you may look like, you are extremely cherished and loved.”

    He continues, “We’ve always poured our all into our music, but we really feel that this EP is our best work yet, and we hope it adds more love to the lives of our listeners.”

    Like most other Korean artists, SEVENTEEN has only been able to perform virtually for almost two years now, and, this week, the group announced an accompanying “Power of Love” livestream show set for November. Says DK, “We love and miss our CARATs so much, and we hope that they receive strength, comfort and warmth from Attacca.”


    For more insight into Attacca, the members of SEVENTEEN have broken down the album in our latest Track by Track interview. Read on for details about each of the record’s songs after the stream.