10 Times We Couldn’t Look Away from Tom and Greg’s Toxic Bromance on Succession

An ode to the least hatable duo on HBO's killer dramedy

Succession Tom Greg
Illustration by Steven Fiche

    Like all great relationships, the story of Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) and Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) of Succession includes the age-old question: “Have you ever visited the California Pizza Kitchen?”

    Succession follows the double-crossing ensemble at Waystar-Royco, a media company that drives those in power to backstabbing, lies, and deceit as everyone vies for their share. It’s a sharp dramedy, alternatingly hysterical in its absurdity and bone-chilling in its realism, and by no means are Tom and Greg the most important players in the high stakes, white collar game.

    However, over the course of two seasons (and likely in the third, premiering this week), they’ve perhaps become the most beloved — as outsiders at Waystar-Royco, Tom and Greg found each other early and began to rely on one another, even as they constantly balanced on the precipice of betrayal.


    The second season of Succession doubled down on Tom and Greg’s shenanigans, keeping the two paired throughout a jaunt across the Atlantic, a chaotic deposition, a corporate conference, and many (many) fights among the Roy family. Despite the affection both seem to harbor for the other, Succession never lets us get too comfortable. Every seemingly genuine moment is offset by an icy comment or an outright act of treachery, and, as easy as it is to want to see Tom and Greg run off into a safe sunset, that is not the show we all signed up for.

    Ahead of Season 3, set to premiere on Sunday, October 17th, we’ve rounded up 10 times we couldn’t take our eyes off of Tom and Greg — for better or for worse.