Not long after wrapping up his period-horror smash Last Night in Soho, Edgar Wright is teasing a return to his own past. Speaking to No Time to Die director Cary Fukunaga in a feature for Interview magazine, the multi-genre filmmaker confirmed that a a sequel to his 2017 hit, Baby Driver, remains a possibility. In fact, Wright revealed that he’s already written a script for the film.

“I’d have to find a way to make it fun for me,” Wright said when asked if he felt like a Baby Driver sequel would make him a sellout. “The idea of doing a straight Xerox is just not interesting because, as you know, these films take at least two years and in our cases, because of the pandemic, they took even longer.

“My rule of thumb is you have to really want to do it,” Wright added. “We’ve both been in situations where we have walked away from a studio franchise movie because we weren’t feeling it. I know that we share many things in common, and that’s one of them.” It’s unclear whether or not Wright would direct Baby Driver 2, but for now, he doesn’t seem to be in any rush to get the project off the ground.


Wright — who first conceptualized Baby Driver as a music video — tends to put soundtrack at the forefront of his films. Last month he talked to Consequence about the music of Last Night in Soho, and he was a perfect choice to direct The Sparks Brothers, the documentary on the iconic pop duo. Last year, Wright spoke to Consequence in an oral history celebrating Scott Pilgrim‘s 10th anniversary.