Let ‘Em Know “Hell’s a Beach” with New T-Shirts and Hoodies at the Consequence Shop

When you want to hit the sandy shores, but keep it metal at the same time

Consequence Shop's Hell's a Beach Collection

    Even extreme metalheads need to chillax once in a while, as all that headbanging can be exhausting. Enter our new “Hell’s a Beach” T-shirt and hoodie, when you’re ready to hit the sandy shores but not ready to lose your metal cred.

    Just make sure to pair your new T-shirt or hoodie with SPF-500 corpse paint to protect you from the intense UV rays emitted from the massive ball of fire known as the sun. God Satan forbid you show up to the next Dimmu Borgir concert with a savage tan!

    So, whether you’re heading out on a heavy metal cruise, or find yourself sipping a Devil’s Margarita on the beaches of Tampa Bay, aka the “capital of death metal,” make sure to sport your “Hell’s a Beach” apparel for all to see.


    The unisex “Hell’s a Beach” T-shirt is available in black, gray, or blue, with sizes ranging from small to 2XL. The hoodie comes in black or blue, sizes small to 3XL.

    If you’re looking for a little lighter beach theme, check out Consequence‘s new “Wavvy” collection of tees and hoodies.

    Get all these new products now at the Consequence Shop or by using the Buy-Now buttons below.


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