Josh Klinghoffer on Joining Pearl Jam as a Touring Member: “I Feel Like I’ve Known These Guys for 30 Years Already”

The former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist also talks about playing on Eddie Vedder's upcoming solo album and his Pluralone solo project

josh klinghoffer interview
Josh Klinghoffer, photo by Emily Ulmer

    Life may have handed just about everyone lemons during the COVID-19 pandemic, but few have made lemonade as well as Josh Klinghoffer.

    The LA-based guitarist was set to kick off the first tour with his solo project Pluralone opening for Pearl Jam when everything shut down in 2020. So Klinghoffer stayed at home and made a lot more music, finishing the second Pluralone album I Don’t Feel Well and a series of standalone singles that included the September release “Across the Park.”

    By the time Pearl Jam finally returned to the stage at the See.Hear.Now Festival in September, Klinghoffer had graduated from opening act to touring member of the headlining band, adding guitar, percussion and backing vocals to the band’s recent shows. A couple weeks later, Klinghoffer played his first set as Pluralone at Pearl Jam’s Ohana Festival in California.


    Klinghoffer, who spent a decade as a member of Red Hot Chili Peppers and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the band, won’t hit the road for a full scale European tour with Pearl Jam and Pluralone until Summer 2022. (Pearl Jam’s US tour dates are currently on hold, but you can grab tickets to the Europe dates here.)

    So while the prolific guitarist and songwriter is at home in L.A. finishing up yet another album, Consequence got Klinghoffer on the phone to talk about his influences and some of his best sideman experiences.