It’s time to re-knot up those pink bowties, because a Party Down revival has been greenlit by Starz with a six-episode order.

Co-creator Rob Thomas (who previously resuscitated Veronica Mars) is bringing back the original producing team, which included fellow co-creators John Enbom, Paul Rudd, and Dan Etheridge. Enbom will also return as showrunner, corralling the now-all-star cast of Ken Marino, Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen, and Megan Mullally. However, original series regular Lizzy Caplan will not be returning; Deadline reports that she encountered scheduling conflicts for the FX series Fleishman Is in Trouble, and she recently signed on to a reboot of Fatal Attraction.

“At the end of 2019, the Party Down cast and producers were all reunited at a retrospective for the show hosted by Vulture,” Thomas said. “We had such a good time that we wanted to find a way to get the team back together again. The cast is so busy these days that finding a window where we can do it may require trigonometry, but we’re determined to make it happen.”


“After more than 10 years, we’re excited to have the cast, many of whom are now hugely popular award-winning stars, return to don their pink bowties and head back to the party,” said President and CEO of STARZ Jeffrey Hirsch. “The fan demand for a Party Down revival is clear and we look forward to what Rob, Paul, John, Dan and now Adam will do as they bring this special project and these hilarious characters back to life.”

The original Party Down ran for 20 episodes over two seasons between 2009 and 2010. The comedy centered on the staff of Los Angeles’ Party Down catering company, a group of wanna-be actors, writers, and restaurateurs. Episodes were built around different parties and events, during which the group of waiters and bartenders would get caught up in their personal dramas while mingling with celebrity guests.

The limited series will span six parts, which Lionsgate Television will produce for Starz. Hopefully, the team is able to grab their destiny by the balls and squeeze hard.