Sufjan Stevens: “It’s Time For Me to Take a Break”

Stevens is ready to step back after releasing four albums in two years

Sufjan Stevens
Sufjan Stevens, photo courtesy of artist

    Troubling news for fans still holding out hope that Sufjan Stevens will one day complete his 50-state album project: the beloved songwriter says it’s “time for me to take a break” and “step back” from music — at least for the time being.

    Of course, the part about him completing his fabled 50-state album project is a joke — Stevens admitted as much back in 2019. But it is true that he has been on a prolific streak of late, having released four different projects over the last two years.

    In a recent interview with WNYC, Stevens was asked if he had anything else coming down the pipeline. “I mean, yeah, I’m always working on something and always have three albums on the sideline waiting to happen,” Stevens noted. But as he added, “I think it’s time for me to take a break and step back, and just be. And listen.”


    Stevens most recently released A Beginner’s Mind, his collaborative album with Asthmatic Kitty label mate Angelo De Augustine, in September. Prior to that, he put out the five-volume ambient music suite, Convocations, in May. And last year, he released his eighth solo album, The Ascension, as well as a collaborative album with Lowell Brams called Aporia.

    Consequence reached out to Stevens’ representative for additional comment.

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