Tasha Breaks Down Her New Album Tell Me What You Miss the Most Track by Track: Exclusive

Learn how the Chicago R&B singer's sophomore album was made

Tasha Tell Me What You Miss the Most track by track new album stream
Tasha Track by Track, Photo by Alexa Viscius

    Our Track by Track feature gives musicians the opportunity to explain how each track on their new album came together. Today, Chicago indie-soul musician Tasha breaks down her new album, Tell Me What You Miss the Most.

    Tasha has released her sophomore album, Tell Me What You Miss the Most. Stream it below.

    Clocking in at 10 songs, the follow-up to 2018’s Alone at Last was co-produced with Eric Littmann (Vagabon, Emily Yacina), and marks a strong jump in Tasha’s songwriting capabilities. Filled with homey instrumentals that blend elements of folk and R&B, Tell Me What You Miss the Most is a collection of tenderhearted songs that spotlight Tasha’s newly-honed strengths. It evokes the introspective solitude of crisp autumn mornings, the euphoria of a new crush, or the quiet contentment of arriving at inner peace.

    “When I made Alone at Last, I had only been writing songs for two years. I hardly even knew what kind of songwriter I was,” Tasha explained in a press release. “But this record feels much stronger as far as a representation of my songwriter and musicianship. I did feel like I was piloting it in a way that I haven’t really felt before.”


    Tasha added, “I was inspired by a distance I felt from myself. The writing was kind of born from this desire to get back to an intimacy, or honesty, with myself.”

    For more insight into Tell Me What You Miss The Most, Tasha has broken down the album in our latest Track by Track interview. Read on for details about each of the record’s songs underneath the stream below.