Your Old Droog has announced a new album, Space Bar. It’s out November 29th, and as a preview YOD has uncorked the song “Meteor Man” featuring Lil Ugly Mane and billy woods.

Space Bar will be Droog’s fourth (!) album of 2021, following TIME and his two collaborations with Tha God Fahim, Tha Wolf on Wall St and Tha YOD Fahim. As for “Meteor Man,” the song boasts a beat by Sadhu Gold. It opens with two thumps of a drum and an incessant whine that turns into a wall of sound, as the three MCs unspool an all-bars, no hook slugfest. Droog establishes the tone with his conversational flow, setting himself up, “Like Mace Windu priming for the great swindle/ Don’t act surprised when you see me poly with Kylie and Kendall.”

Lil Ugly Mane raps, “If cops throw they lights on/ We shadows in the night, gone/ You decide/ How you gonna do it when it’s do or die,” and billy woods unleashes one of his trademark stutter-step flows, spitting, “I see they eyes when the plot twists/ Surprised to find they not the protagonists, it’s a trip.” Check out “Meteor Man” below.


While Space Bar doesn’t have an official tracklist, it’s expected to include his previous single from this month, “Yuri.” Pre-orders are ongoing, and you can peep the album artwork below.

Space Bar Artwork:

Space Bar artwork your old droog new album meteor man