Your Old Droog has unveiled the new album Space BarStream it below with Apple Music or Spotify.

A meditation on travel, space, culture, and limits, Space Bar is set beyond Earth’s atmosphere. “Here we are, in space,” he says. “A bar in space, at that. Drink up!”

This is the ever-prolific Droog’s fourth (!) new album of the year, following TIME and his two collaborations with Tha God Fahim, Tha Wolf on Wall St and Tha YOD FahimFahim appears on a pair of Space Bar tracks, and YOD has also recruited features from Lil Ugly Manebilly woods, and Nickelus F. Production comes from 88 Keys, Nicholas Craven, SadhuGold, and Elaquent.


Previously, Your Old Droog shared the Space Bar singles “Yuri” and “Meteor Man.”

Space Bar Artwork:

Space Bar artwork your old droog new album meteor man

Space Bar Tracklist:
01. Space Bar Intro
02. Cosmonaut
03. Yuri
04. White Russian
05. Bloody mary
06. Babushka IV (Zinfandel)
07. 2001: A Space Yodyssey
08. Sector 7 Interlude
09. Meteor Man (feat. Lil Ugly Mane and billy woods)
10. Mojito (feat. Nickelus F)
11. Blue Hawaiian (feat. Tha God Fahim)
12. Dom Perignon (feat. Tha God Fahim)
13. Space Bar Outro