2021 was a year of changes, both here at Consequence and out in the wider world. As things opened up a little bit in the US, we were able to once again witness live music and see movies in theaters (imagine!). We continued working from home, but cautiously ventured out for awards shows and traveled to can’t-miss concerts. It was still a weird year, but it was certainly better than 2020.

Pandemic be damned, Consequence grew. Fifteen years in, we said goodbye to some longtime staffers while welcoming a new mix of editors, writers, social managers and video folks, all in the span of a few months. 25,000 or so Slack messages later, everyone is settling in nicely.

With that in mind, I’m so proud of everything the team has accomplished this year. That includes the excessively long lists and wonderfully zany interviews, of course, but also the day-to-day elbow grease on the news desk that’s required to keep this place running. I can’t wait to do even more cool stuff in 2022.


To those who maybe just discovered us in 2021, welcome. To the veteran readers, thanks for sticking with us through it all. With our site’s redesign this year also came a name change — and we forgive you if you’re not willing to give up the long-ingrained habit of calling it Consequence of Sound. Okay, you’re mostly forgiven.

I’ll stop with the sappiness and get to the good stuff: It’s December, which means it’s time for our Annual Report. As always, we’re recognizing the best in music, television, and film through big ol’ ranked staff lists, exclusive interviews, and in-depth essays. We’re kicking it off today, December 6th, with our Top 50 Songs of 2021 list, as well as a tribute to our Artist of the Year, the inimitable Lil Nas X.

Keep checking back at this page over the next few weeks so you don’t miss a thing, and enjoy!

— Gab Ginsberg

Managing Editor

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