Beyond the Boys’ Club is a monthly column from journalist and radio host Anne Erickson, focusing on women in the heavy music genres, as they offer their perspectives on the music industry and discuss their personal experiences. Erickson is also a music artist herself, recently releasing the song “Eternal Way” with Upon Wings. This month’s piece features an interview with Johanna Platow Andersson of Lucifer.

    Lucifer craft a unique brand of music, combining the dark, sludgy sounds of ’70s hard rock with a dose of modern doom metal. The band was formed in 2014 by singer Johanna Platow Andersson and has since performed hundreds of shows around the world, from the Kiss Kruise to Psycho Las Vegas to Sweden Rock.

    The band released its latest album, Lucifer IV, in October via Century Media. For Heavy Consequence‘s latest edition of “Beyond the Boys’ Club,” Andersson checked in to discuss the new album, Lucifer’s evolution, her experience as a woman in metal music, and much more.


    Read our interview with Johanna Platow Andersson below, and order the band’s new album, Lucifer IV, here.

    On the fan response to Lucifer’s new album, IV

    It’s really good. It feels like those people that already owned Lucifer records before and the ones who are new seem to think this is our best album yet. It’s been awesome, because, of course, you want to grow and not decline. It feels good. Some of them think this album is a little bit darker. I do think our previous albums are dark, but people seem to think there’s more of a gloomy aspect to this one, maybe because of the pandemic.