Our recurring new music feature Rap Song of the Week breaks down the hip-hop tracks you need to hear every Friday. Check out the full playlist here. This week, Boldy James and The Alchemist close out the year strong with the ICECOLDBISHOP-assisted “Hot Water Tank.”

    Boldy James is known for his prodigious output: Last year alone, he dropped four projects. In 2021, he slowed down the pace a bit, solely releasing his Alchemist team-up Bo Jackson, one of the best albums of the year. Today, the Detroit rapper upped his volume by releasing Super Tecmo Bo, a nine-track project combining a handful of new songs with bonus tracks previously only available on the Bo Jackson vinyl deluxe edition.

    One of the standouts is “Hot Water Tank” featuring underground LA rapper ICECOLDBISHOP, who brings big Danny Brown energy over a spooky, hypnotic beat from Producer of the Year The Alchemist. Setting the tone with his high-pitched delivery and vivid rhymes about “Eatin’ Chinese inside the hooptie,” the only guest on Super Tecmo Bo leaves fans wanting more before passing the mic to Boldy.


    Closing out the track, James brings the “Meek flow” with ice cold lyrics breaking down why he’s the rapping Bo Jackson (“They call me Bo Jack because I run pills and I dump base”). Reminiscing about the uphill climb with vivid storytelling about grinding in the streets, the Griselda affiliate also stops to remember one of the fallen members of his crew. “Held it down, kept it too real, ‘fore he died, never got to thank him,” he raps in a controlled tone hiding any emotions.

    “Hot Water Tank” is just the latest example of how Boldy and Alchemist can do no wrong. Let’s all be thankful the duo dropped a new record to blast while avoiding family over the holidays.