[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Mother/Android.]

    The new Hulu film Mother/Android is a story about the robot apocalypse that’s really about the power of parental love. Chloe Grace Moretz stars as Georgia, a young woman living in a world where robot servants are a normal part of life; until, that is, the night the androids rose up in violent revolt against humanity.

    Up until then, the biggest problem Georgia had was how she and her boyfriend Sam (Algee Smith) were going to handle her unplanned pregnancy — several months later, they’re making their way through the northeast backroads towards Boston, where there’s promise of a ship that might help them escape from a ruined America. All they have to do is survive the constant threat of robot attacks, not to mention her own impending delivery.

    While technically sci-fi, the film is actually a loving tribute to writer/director Mattson Tomlin’s birth parents, who gave him up for adoption during the Romanian revolution: The allegory becomes very clear at the end of the film, when a post-delivery Georgia and a badly injured Sam finally arrive at the promised dock, but the Korean official there tells them that the ship can only take the baby as a refugee. Thus, Georgia is given mere minutes to write her son a letter and say goodbye.


    After doing his best to protect her throughout the course of the film, Sam presumably dies from his injuries, and the final sequence of events shows Georgia, alone, burning relics of her past while also moving forward towards her own bleak future. It’s a very poignant ending, and Moretz, in a Zoom interview with Consequence, was generous enough to unpack the most emotional beats, including Sam’s off-screen death and what it was like to write that letter.

    The below interview has been transcribed and edited for clarity.