RZA and Flatbush Zombies are big Quentin Tarantino fans. Last week, the Wu-Tang MC teamed up with the hip-hop group for the Reservoir Dogs-inspired single “Plug Addicts,” and now, the artists are back with a song named after the director himself.

Produced by RZA, Prince Paul, and Erick the Architect, “Quentin Tarantino” sees Flatbush Zombies rap over a slow, smoky guitar riff. Zombie Juice, Erick the Architect, and Meechy Darko blend references to characters real and imagined, noting, “Who killed Bill? They shot Kennedy/ Malcom layin’ dead, like how they gon’ level the playin’ field?” In the accompanying music video, directed by John Tashiro, RZA does his best Mr. Blonde while the Zombies roam Los Angeles in white suits.

The rappers discussed the origin of “Quentin Tarantino” in a statement. “This song is a dedication to one of our favorite directors, Quentin Tarantino,” RZA said. “His movies pioneered another level and style of film making artistry. We are doing the same with our art… continuously expanding the palette of hip hop and music.”


Meechy Darko echoed RZA’s statement, saying, “I tend to draw my inspiration from more than just music… When we linked up with RZA, one of the first things we spoke about was our affinity for movies. This track is a dedication to Tarantino, a genius not only behind the camera but also with the pen.”

Watch the video for “Quentin Tarantino” below. Last year, RZA released the meditative EP Guided Explorationsand earlier this year, Erick the Architect released his debut solo album, Future Proof. Soon after, he joined Dr. Mike Friedman on our Going There podcast to discuss the ways he tends to his mental health. In 2020, Flatbush Zombies released the EP now, more than ever.